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10 reasons why backpacking is so rewarding

Everyone’s different when it comes to their likes and dislikes of travel. Some people prefer luxurious accommodations and meals prepared by the most prestigious head chefs. Other individuals prefer a little more adventure and are driven to dive into the unknown. Both are incredibly different experiences but are equally rewarding! At FlyLargent, we aim to provide the highest quality in our flights, our services, and our content on this blog! Our focus is to ensure you have the most enjoyable and luxurious flight that the market has to offer. But we wouldn't be a top-tier business if we didn't also focus on the other important travel experiences besides caviar and five-star hotels. Backpacking has often been referred to as a life-changing experience. You get to see the world in a new down-to-earth manner that will open your eyes to a lot of possibilities! Listed below are some of the reasons why backpacking should be in your future.

1) You won't be bound by strict itineraries or time limits. You have full control over where you go and when.

2) You will become a part of a large community that are all bound by the love to travel

3) You will be more likely to go out and explore the countryside rather than staying near the crowded tourist spots which will spread the tourist wealth out more evenly throughout the country!

4) The locals in the area will probably be more relaxed and talkative around you, eager to share their local stories and beauty of their home.

5) On your travels, you will most likely see something new every day.

6) You will find more time to meditate and reflect while surrounded by nature.

7) You're more likely to see the local wildlife and will see the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises that you've ever seen.

8) You will embody the spirit of adventure and discovery that will open up new avenues and realizations within yourself!

9) Backpacking is a known method of travel for saving on money, and this money can instead be fueled into buying really amazing and delicious food and drink from the best spots that you visit!

10) You will get stronger and strengthen your cardiovascular system as well! Not to mention how healthy it would be to clear your lungs out completely of all the smog of city air.

These are just ten of many, many reasons why you should consider backpacking a really positive endeavor. Sometimes we just need to get back to nature and experience the splendour first hand of what the earth has offered us. Some of the most popular places to backpack in would be: Europe, Spain, Latin America, and the Netherlands! If this sounds like something you want to pursue, we encourage you to research on how you can get started! We at Fly Largent will be waiting to supply you with the most convenient private flight to get you there!

Why camping is taking 2020 by storm

2020 has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; bringing significant financial struggles to the economy and all but stopping travel in its shoes. Wanderlust has gripped the hearts of many of us for a long time, but amid this pandemic the pull to explore has never been stronger. However, the options for travel are limited due to the fact that highly populated areas of most countries are still under strict precaution measures to fight the virus. Being cooped up inside isn’t healthy but it feels as though lately there aren’t any other options. This post is to show you that there are in fact other options!

One of the best things about traveling is experiencing the different cultures and ways of life from other countries. This is normally best done by exploring old cities rich in history and immersing yourself in the experiences of trying new foods and activities specific to that area. However, these ventures don’t encompass the full experience of drinking in a new-to-you area. To really experience everything a region has to offer, it’s definitely worth mentioning the pros to exploring the landscape off the beaten path. From rustic back-of-the-woods camping to luxury camping, spending time out in nature is a sure way to destress and connect with land around you.

Camping doesn’t have to be “dirt under your nails” or “lack of comfort” either. A new kind of camping has emerged in the last few years that combines luxury comfort with the enjoyment of the outdoors. Better known as “glamping” (combining glamour and camping), this luxurious take on camping provides all the wonders of the outdoors while minimizing the heavy lifting and the great effort of setting up a campsite yourself. Many glamping experiences offer amenities such as WI-FI, kitchens, recreational activities, and also full meals prepared for you!

Glamping is far less time consuming than regular camping because you barely have to prepare for anything. All you need to pack is what’s necessary for day to day living (i.e. toiletries and clothing etc.), the rest is set up for you! No more sweat-inducing pitching of tents while the mosquitos munch on you for lunch. You can experience the great outdoors without all the work of keeping sand and dirt out of your tents, fighting with the camping stove to work, and fending off the animals and bugs from your food. Go out and enjoy a nice walk in the woods or on the shore of a beach or lake before coming home to a comfortable bed and the security of walls around you. North America and the UK especially have taken a dive right into this venture and offer some of the most revered and sought after glamping sites.

All over the world this trend is becoming more and more well known, and at FlyLargent we can take you anywhere in the world you need to go to experience this high level of luxury camping. We can provide you with the most luxurious and comfortable flights on a private jet charter that the market can buy. Contact us today for a free quote!

What sets Fly Largent apart from just your average first class commercial flight?

Not to be confused with your average first class flight, Fly Largent is a company that sets itself apart from the competition and the usual flight industry. A company that genuinely puts your needs first and ensures the highest standards are met to satisfy your itinerary desires. While we do specialize in various aviation services, what we want to focus on today are our charter services.

What is a chartered flight?

A chartered flight is an on-demand flight that is not part of a regular airline routing and only carries the passengers of whoever rented the aircraft. Charter flights have much greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling and country/airport destinations. Essentially, you gain more control over schedule and get to forgo the inconveniences of regular airlines.

Why should I choose a chartered flight over a first class ticket?

When you book a chartered flight you get to choose when you wish to travel and who exactly you’d like on the aircraft with you. Depending on the size of the aircraft, you can choose to bring as many friends, coworkers, or family members that you like - room permitting. When you fly first class you often don’t have the same availability options to choose who you’re sitting next to and will also have to share the space with people you don’t know who booked a first class ticket.

What are the benefits of choosing Fly Largent vs other charter flight companies?

  1. Many charter-flight companies require membership fees and upfront registration fees before you are able to even get a quote to use their services. At Fly Largent we require no membership or upfront fees, so you are able to get a quote for your flight right after you enter your destination and dates!
  2. We also have one of the largest fleets of the Industry, with over 12,000 new aircrafts available! Our partnership with multiple providers allows us to get you in the air even when the requirements are tight or an unexpected change of plan happens.
  3. You can fly on your own schedule and at your own pace. Oftentimes, just the process of getting to the airport in rush hour can be a challenge. With FlyLargent, you can stop worrying if you're leaving your house or office at the right time, because you decide what time will fit your needs the best!
  4. We provide worldwide destinations due to the always-increasing amount of partnerships available! Using our quote tool, you can select any destination you want; if you can't find an available flight, reach out to us so we can discuss getting you to wherever it is you need to go.
  5. We have a team of experts available 24/7 to assist you and provide any information for upcoming trips, and also to start booking any new and upcoming flights!

    We look forward to assisting you and if you have any more questions or would like to request a quote, please don't hesitate to reach out!