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The best beaches in Florida

You don't have to travel far to escape the cold this year. Florida is full of some of the most beautiful beaches in all of the world! Escape the chilly winds blowing in and instead relax on a warm sandy beach enjoying a Piña Colada! At Fly Largent we have a multitude of aircrafts standing by perfectly suited and tailored to your needs. For some warming inspiration, here are a couple of recommendations below!

South Beach - Miami

Miami's South Beach attracts people from across the nation to come and explore it's white sandy shores; attracting the rich and famous to it's warm waters and multitude of attractions. You can chose between the nearby Haulover Park for tennis, fishing, golf, and more! Nearby you'll find some of the best world-class hotels and extravegent cuisine from fine dining to casual yet delicious beach-side cuisine. Or you can simply lounge on the warm shore and listen to the crashing sound of the waves and seagulls overhead while sipping on a freshly made cocktail.

Clearwater Beach - Clearwater

Listed on Trip Advisor for the nation's #1 beach in 2018, it's no surprise that Clearwater Beach makes this list. From it's dazzling waters and impeccable beaches, Clearwater Beach is sure to leave an impression on you. With nearly every day of the year full of sunshine, you can come visit Clearwater and always expect a warm and inviting beach-side paradise. Lay back and relax without worry as the palm trees sway in the gentle breeze over you and breathe easy knowing the full time lifeguards are around to ensure everyone is safe. 

Don’t just take our word for it, come visit and see why Clearwater’s beaches are the best in the USA! We at Fly Largent are standing by 24/7 to offer you assistance in getting to your vacation destination!

Bahia Honda State Park - Florida Keys

Another one of the top beaches in the United States (listed by the Travel Channel), Bahia Honda State Park boasts a vast expanse of sugar-white sandy beaches and warm, shallow waters. What sets this beach apart from the rest is that the island is almost uninhabited but you can pitch a tent on a campsite equipped with electricity and water. Experience the awe-inspiring wonder of the vast marine life beneath the dazzling waters. Boasting rays, reef fish, barracuda, and more! Seat yourself on the warm, inviting sand and witness the beauty of the setting sun in peace and quiet.

Book your flight today with Fly Largent to get you started on your trip to paradise! We're standing by 24/7 to help you book your flight to your next vacation destination. With our empty-leg options or our numerous list of available private jets, your booking process couldn't be easier!

Best airports worth traveling to

Traveling can sometimes be a headache all on it's own, without the added trouble of flying into a low-end airport. For most vacations, your destination is the beach or your hotel room, not the airport! However, this list could very well change your views on this! Listed below are a list of some of the very best and most exciting airports in the world!

Singapore Changi Airport

Home to the tallest indoor waterfall in the world, a massive indoor trampoline open to all ages, a beautiful butterfly garden - among countless other gardens, a huge indoor maze, and a vast collection of stunning art, this Singapore airport will provide countless hours of unique and wonderful entertainment! It's no surprise to hear that this airport has been voted #1 airport of the world!

Tokyo Haneda Airport

Also on the list of top hotels in the world, the Tokyo Haneda Airport will not disappoint! Inside the Tokyo Haneda Airport is an impressive shopping area called the Edo Marketplace. Fashioned to resemble Old-Time Tokyo, this marketplace is full of restaurants with traditional Tokyo cuisine, plenty of shops to browse in, and the world's only airport-planetarium! Along with being on the top list of hotels, it is also ranked number one for being the most clean!

Munich Airport

A children's park, an observation deck, countless shops and restaurants are waiting to entertain you and your family at the Munich Airport in Germany. Spend some time in the Visitors Park and the Adventure Playground featuring interactive exhibits for the whole family to enjoy! From jungle-gyms, rope slides, and mini-putt to witnessing the landing of the Airbus A380, you and your family can spend hours of enjoyment here!

At Fly Largent, we want nothing more than to provide you with the most fulfilling and enjoyable traveling experiences, contact us today for a free quote on one of our private aircrafts!

Restaurants with 2+ Michelin Stars - 2019

When traveling, one generally expects to also partake in the delicious local cuisine. With Fly Largent we expect that you want nothing but the best; so here is a list of some of the top rated restaurants in the world that may interest you!

Mirazur - Menton, France

Boasting 3 Michelin Stars, Mirazur takes the number one spot for best restaurant in the entire world. Nestled in the foot of the mountains with a gorgeous view over the sea, the ethereal cuisine you will partake of here will leave you forever changed. This restaurant is spread over three levels of hillside and encompassed by luscious vegetation. However, the dining area is drenched in light and displays a shocking view of the sea and the beautiful town of Menton through the numerous large windows. The view also displays snippets of the orchard garden bursting with fragrant herbs, vegetables, and citrus that make up many of the ingredients used on the plate placed in front of you.

Disfrutar - Barcelona, Spain

Disfrutar is literally translated to "enjoy", and that is the utmost perfect adjective to describe this lavish restaurant. Choosing between their 25-30 course meal menu, you have the option to choose their Classic menu or their special Seasonal menu. Returning visitors are encouraged to try their Seasonal menu to experience their newer dishes.

Every dish is methodically planned out with every detail perfectly in place. With two Michelin Stars, it's no wonder that this restaurant is a go to for foodies all around the world. Make sure to come with an empty stomach because unlike many restaurants that leave you wanting, Disfrutar makes sure every inch of your senses are satisfied.

The food isn't the only above average aspect of Disfrutar. It has been widely agreed that the servers and staff of all kinds are fast, efficient, detailed, thoughtful, and run like absolute clockwork. Between flavours, service, and atmosphere, it's difficult to find a restaurant better than Disfrutar.

Geranium - København, Denmark

Listed on the Top 50 Restaurants In The World and with 2 Michelin Stars, it makes sense that Geranium would make this list. With their dynamic, lucid, and eye-opening menu, your senses will be challenged and enriched. Not only does Geranium perfectly pair their menu with their wine, they also perfectly pair food with art. Every dish seemingly a better masterpiece than the one before.

17+ inspired and artistic courses made up of wild and organic Scandinavian ingredients. Providing your taste buds with a new experience like you've never had before. Their brightly lit dining area provides an atmosphere of cleanliness and sophistication that make you feel right at home and allow you to nestle into every flavour presented before you.

With our empty-leg flights and charter services, you can make your way to one or each of these notable and exquisite countries and restaurants. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you! Looking forward to your message.

Why should you fly privately?

Boarding a commercial airline wastes more time than you may even realize. From traveling to the airport, standing in line for extended periods of time, dropping your luggage off at bag check or hauling it onto the plane to your seat, this is time that could all be better spent in the air.

With a private charter, you can forgo all these headaches and just sit back and relax while you efficiently make your way to your destination. At Fly Largent, we have the means and experience to provide you with the best VIP service that you can find.

Many people have to arrive three hours or even more before their flight in order to secure their spot and prepare for any un-planned mishaps. With increased wait times in security due to an overflow of people crowding the lines - especially during holidays - you can spend a lot of time just standing around and glancing at your watch every other moment to keep time of when your plane takes off without you.

As Benjamin Franklin said, "Time is money." While most commercial airlines appear to often be more financially affordable, the added time it costs to board one often goes unnoticed. If you're on your way to Paris for example, you don't want to be standing around in the airport wishing you were there; you want to be where you set off to in the first place and enjoying a nice glass of wine or taking in the sights. You could arrive at your destination while your commercial flight is still in the air!

An additional comfort to flying privately is that if you have your children in tow, it is far more convenient and pleasurable to board your jet in leisure and at your own pace. Flying with children isn't always easy - many of us have experienced this - but flying on an empty-leg flight or private chartered aircraft removes any worry and concern you may have and creates a pleasurable environment for everyone around you.

If booking an empty-leg flight or renting your own private aircraft is something that interests you, we here at Fly Largent are standing by 24/7 to assist you with any booking needs or questions you may have. Contact us today for a free quote to get to your next desired destination.

USA destinations: Relais & Châteaux

Are you looking for a romantic and elegant getaway with your significant other? One that will provide the luxury and comfort that you both deserve while maintaining the closeness of home? Check out this list of Relais & Châteaux within the US below; Fly Largent is waiting to take you there!

Hotel Wailea - Hawaii

Behind the gates of Hotel Wailea lay an exclusive and luxuriously private paradise for you and your partner to connect and experience the best that Hawaii has to offer. With only 72 suites on 15 acres of land, there is plenty of space to escape and enjoy the beauty this island has to offer in solitude with your significant other. Whether you’re a foody, adventurer, relaxaholic, or wellness warrior, this Relais & Châteaux location has something to offer for everyone.

Explore the island in a vintage convertible rented out to you by the hotel, or step onto the deck of a sailboat for an unforgettable evening coasting through the crystal clear waters and savoring the setting sun. With locally sourced cuisine prepared by a traditional and Hawaiian born chef, taste the fine dining available at this succulent restaurant which is rated in the “Top 10 restaurants in Hawaii” according to OpenTable' Diner’s Choice.

The Surrey – New York

The Surrey is the singular Relais & Châteaux hotel in the entirety of New York City. An urban retreat and luxurious hotel sanctuary where guests can appreciate what makes New York City unique—from the privacy of this luxurious haven.

Gaze upon the captivating and iconic New York city skyline from the Private Roof Garden while the fragrance of lavender, mint, and roses wash over you. Cast your eyes over the magical sight of Central Park and Manhattan’s Upper East Side while sipping on a perfected cocktail or delicate Rosé.
The Surrey is the perfect place to keep a low profile while enjoying the customs and luxury of celebrity life. Experience the fine dining and exquisite tastes of talented French Chef Daniel Boulud that will be sure to delight your palette. Treat yourself to the remedies and elegant spa treatments offered at Cornelia Spa within The Surrey. Where experienced professionals meet you where you are and tailor each service to your needs according to age, diet, emotional dynamics, and exposure to the environment.

Meadowood – California

Lying on a private and beautiful two-hundred-fifty acre estate, Meadowood is a Relais & Châteaux that you could never regret visiting. Settled in Napa Valley’s most beautiful countryside, you can experience the fresh air and most refined cuisine that California has to offer. Boasting a 3-star Michelin rating, The Restaurant at Meadowood is waiting to satisfy your refined palette. Apart from wine and dining, you can partake in other pastimes such as croquet, tennis, golf, swimming, hiking, and various other activities. Have your worldly thoughts and fears dissipate under the hands of skilled spa therapists and experience the harmony and tranquility of the quiet gentleness around you.

At Fly Largent, we have private and luxurious jets ready to take you to wherever it is you need to go! Call us now for a free quote for your private jet flight.