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Safe places to visit in 2021

As more and more of the general population is getting vaccinated, it seems our society is finally back on track to returning to a semblance of normality. While many of us are unsure of what that will look like, one thing is certain, we’ve been cooped up inside for so long that getting out to see the world is just what our souls need to recover some of the time we’ve lost. This pandemic has affected every person in one way or another, some more than others, and the effects on our mental and physical health are staggering. Vaccines and safety measures have been steadily rolling out to ensure that our future is one in which we can travel freely again without restrictions or fear of spreading COVID-19. The thought of travel has definitely been put on the back burner for most people, and getting back into that mindset might need a little inspiration. Listed below are some beautiful countries that have some of the lowest infection rates for COVID-19 in the world.

Cayman Islands

Not only are the Cayman Islands full of activities and luxurious experiences, but it also has one of the lowest infection rates in the entire world. This pandemic has sapped us of a lot of energy and memories we could have been making out in the world with our families, and what better way to regain some of that energy than relaxing on the beach with the warm sun on your face. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, perhaps consider visiting the incredible Stingray City sandbar, approximately 20 minutes off the shores of Grand Cayman, and encounter some of the friendliest and magical stingrays you’ll ever see! There are also numerous watersports and classes available for activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, paddleboarding, kitesurfing, and more!

New Zealand

Home to filming the iconic Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, Wolverine, and more renowned films, New Zealand holds adventure in the palm of its hand. The landscape is stunning and full of untouched beauty and the culture is second to none. Take a helicopter to the top of Franz Josef and be guided across the magnificent glaciers that are among the most accessible on the planet. New Zealand is a country that you will never get tired of visiting, nor will you run out of things to do. Experience first hand the excitement of paragliding, bungy-jumping, zorbing, skydiving, and countless other exciting experiences surrounded by some of the best views this world has to offer. You can do all this and more with little risk to you or your family concerning COVID-19, for New Zealand has kept its infection rates low and have maintained safety practices to ensure the health of everyone inside their borders.


Bermuda is a paradise you never knew you needed to see. Not only does it have breathtaking ocean views and pristine sandy beaches, but there are also exciting underwater caves, coral reefs, and even shipwrecks! If water-based activities aren’t to your liking, it is definitely worth mentioning that Bermuda has golf courses that cover around 17% of the island, which is more per square mile than anywhere in the world! Conveniently, the national language of Bermuda is Bermudian English, which will make conversing with the locals that much more effortless! There are several luxury hotels on the islands including the Rosewood Bermuda and the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club - both venues being featured in various Instagram posts.

Before you plan any trip, make sure to identify the requirements needed to enter other countries and what rules and guidelines they have set in place. At FlyLargent it has always been our mission to ensure the safety of all our patrons and to guarantee the quality and luxury expected for a high-class flight. Our team is standing by 24/7 to assist you in whatever travel needs you may have. Contact us today for a complimentary quote on one of our available private-jet flights.

Why you should travel to Dubai this summer

For decades, Dubai has been one of the forerunning cities of class, luxury, and the perfect getaways. Some time ago, it was only a small fishing village in the Arabian Gulf, but over the years it transformed into a sun-soaked modern metropolis rich with diverse cultures and experiences! During all seasons of the year, people from all around the world gather here to experience the magical wonder of this amazing city. However, now more than ever is a great time for you to book your flight for Dubai. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, travel of any kind was more or less prohibited, but due to the increase of vaccinations and flattening the curve, Dubai’s doors are open to tourists once again. Before you plan your trip to Dubai, make sure to check whether or not you’ll need a visa to enter the country. If you meet certain conditions, you may be granted a temporary visa upon arriving at the airport.

Downtown Dubai is filled with world-class shopping, iconic landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Fountain, the Dubai Mall, and has a stretch of streets with gorgeous architecture featuring some of the most exquisite five-star hotels and restaurants. While the majority of the downtown area is urban, you can also find several green spaces to enjoy a stroll through. Downtown Dubai was created with the community in mind with perfectly landscaped promenades, and pedestrian-friendly walkways.

Dubai’s vast array of cuisine options are absolutely a must-try, but the local Emirati cuisine sets itself apart and your trip would definitely not be complete without giving it a try! The local Emirati restaurants have authentic Emirati food including Kabsa (basmati rice with meat and infused with several spices including nutmeg and saffron), Luqaimat (deliciously sweet and sticky dumplings with date syrup), and Fouga Deyay (grilled chicken and rice marinated in local aromatic spices). If you’re looking for an activity that is more local and authentic to the region, there are multiple boutiques in the area that offer classes for activities such as pottery, weaving, perfumery, and calligraphy.

These are just a few examples of why you should visit Dubai, but in 2021 there is another crucial element that makes visiting Dubai all that more worth it. Dubai is once again open for tourism assuming you meet the expected criteria. Many countries are still locked down against international travel, but the UAE (United Arab Emirates) has opened its doors for tourists to come drink their fill of luxury and high-end vacationing once again. This is in part due to the UAE’s low numbers of daily recorded infection rates, and their precautions taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We at FlyLargent believe that you deserve nothing but the best when it comes to luxury travel. That’s why our staff is available 24-7 to help you secure your next luxury private-jet flight to head to your desired destination. We make it our business to ensure that your needs are met and you have the flight experience of a lifetime!

Reasons to travel to West Palm Beach - Florida

West Palm Beach is one of Florida’s most beautiful areas and the Palm Beach International Airport is ranked within the top 10 best airports domestically! Within only a couple hours drive you have Florida’s most compelling attractions; some so big they don’t even need an introduction! Set your sights upon Walt Disney World, Everglades National Park, the iconic Miami Beach, Universal Orlando, Legoland, and so much more when you come visit sunny Florida.

Attractions within West Palm Beach

Within sunny West Palm Beach you’ll find the Palm Beach Zoo, the Norton Museum of Art, the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, McCarthy’s Wildlife, and of course some of the best beaches you can find anywhere in the in the state. Additionally, there are numerous outlet malls and stores with incredible prices on high-end products. Foodies will find their fill here with the vast array of incredibly highly rated restaurants in the area. Our recommendations would be to check out Galley, Hullabaloo, Grato, and Marcello's La Sirena for they have some of the most shining reviews in all of West Palm Beach. Listed below are a couple attractions within a couple hours drive of West Palm Beach that might interest you.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has been making memories for families and individuals for over 50 years. It is one of the biggest themed attractions in the entire world, featuring numerous theme parks, waterparks, restaurants, and resorts. If you need any more reasons to visit, it’s also extremely accessible due to the fact it’s open 365 days a year! Experience the thrills of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the enchantment of Magic Kingdom Park, and the roar of anticipation when stepping into the Animal Kingdom. Walt Disney World has something for everyone, no matter what age!

Miami Beach

Only a little over an hour away from West Palm Beach lies the iconic Miami Beach; the hot spot for shopping and perfect beach days all year long. If you’re looking for retail therapy, Miami Beach is the place for you. Stores ranging from all tastes and price points push their fashion forward thinking. If taking in the sights is your goal, Miami has hundreds of parks, numerous high-scale golf courses, and numerous water-sports to entertain you. Five-star hotels, luxurious yachts, and exquisite culinary options featuring numerous celebrity chefs are awaiting you in Miami!

If you’re interested in traveling to West Palm Beach, please feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary quote on one of our private, luxury-jet flights! We offer competitive prices and aim to provide the highest quality service that money can buy. Our team is on standby 24-7 to assist you with your travel needs and we can have wheels up in 24 hours!

Why you should fly into Van Nuys Airport

Sunny California has remained the most visited state within the USA for many years, and with good reason! Hundreds of thousands of people gather here every year searching for business, entertainment, opportunities, and of course the gorgeous beaches and shining sun. When people think of flying to California, often one’s first thought is to search for flights to LAX, but an airport that might not as readily enter their mind is the Van Nuys Airport. With an average of over 230,000 takeoffs and landings annually, it comes to no surprise that Van Nuys Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. It is a hotspot for all different kinds of individuals due to its convenient location and proximity to some of LA’s best attractions. Right within Van Nuys you will be able to find a range of activities from archery parks, trampoline parks, helicopter tours, and more. Not only that, but within only a short drive you will find yourself at the doorstep of the very best adventures that California has to offer. Listed below are some of the most exciting attractions that we think you might be interested in!

Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is a free-admission facility located in Griffith Park on the south side of Mount Hollywood. It is a place where everyone, from any age, is encouraged to observe and marvel at the sky. It hosts daily exhibits, shows, events, and free public telescopes on the roof and lawn for you to observe the beautiful night sky. With being less than an hour drive from the Van Nuys Airport, the Griffith Observatory is a must see for anyone in the area!

Santa Monica Pier

The famous Santa Monica Pier is only an hour drive from the Van Nuys Airport. A hot spot for the filming industry, the Santa Monica Pier is a landmark that almost everyone has seen thanks to movies like Forrest Gump, Hancock, Iron Man, and dozens of other TV shows and movies. You will find an endless supply of delicious food, music, and smiles while visiting the pier.

The Getty Center

The Getty Center boasts an impressive display of architecture, art, gardens, and a splendid view of the city below. With free admission and fair daily hours, it’s an excursion you can’t pass up! While it has been temporarily closed for a time due to the pandemic, it is set to reopen sometime in May (2021). With less than an hour drive from the Van Nuys Airport, The Getty is the perfect place for anyone wanting to do sight-seeing in the area.

If you are interested in flying to California in style and class, feel free to give us a call for a complimentary quote on one of our available luxury jet flights. We at FlyLargent are always ready and waiting to assist you with whatever you may need!

Hottest beaches you need to visit in 2021

The leaves are budding and the warm summer breeze has started to blow in; leaving winter but a faint memory in our minds. With that breeze comes a new-found excitement and vigor, stirring that familiar desire to travel the world! With the virus finally starting to seemingly wind down, we are finally able to cautiously step out into the world again and experience all that it has to offer. While many of us may feel like we’ve been trapped and isolated for so long, a vacation could be just what we need!

Anse Source D'Argent - Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelagic island country in the Indian Ocean and home to one of the most photographed beaches on this earth. Anse Source D'Argent boasts pristine verdant waters that lap the shores of soft white sand. It is the dream destination for any traveler searching for the perfect getaway. While it does bring in its fair share of tourism, if you wait around till the sun goes down, you can relax under the shade of a coconut tree and have the feeling you have the oasis all to yourself.

Indiana Dunes State Park - Indiana - USA

If you’re looking for a wonderful beach in the USA, you won’t have to look very far! Indiana Dune country is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Not only is it a great place for a swim and a picnic, but Indiana State Park is also viewed as one of the most scenic hiking areas in all of the USA. With parking right near the water, you won’t have to lug your beach gear very far. There are also smaller and less crowded beaches just down the road if you’re looking for a more secluded and quieter beach experience.

Miami Beach - Florida - USA

Miami Beach is arguably one of the most well-known beaches in the world - and for good reason! Not only does this beach have gorgeous sandy shores and crystal clear water, but it is also in close proximity with a variety of high-end shops and classy night-life bars and clubs! The restaurants that populate the area serve up top-notch cuisine; from fresh, mouthwatering seafood to thirst-quenching cocktails. While you’re there, make sure to walk along the famous Miami Beach Boardwalk to take in all of the beauty the area has to offer. Whilst the beach is often frequented by locals and tourists alike, the friendly and excitable atmosphere is sure to fuel your enjoyment.

Bondi - Australia

Considered Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi sets itself apart for its well-known snorkelling and scuba diving spots, its trendsetting cafes and restaurants, and whale watching. You’ll find more than one surfing instructor in the area who can teach even the most beginner surfers some tricks! At the end of a long day of surfing, diving, and swimming, head on over to one of the multiple award-winning restaurants with great views of both ends of the beach, which extends for over a kilometer.

If any of these beaches spark your interest, give us a call and we can set up a private, luxury flight to take you there! We at Fly Largent are proud to provide the highest-quality travel experience that money can buy. Contact us today for a free quote!