Everyone’s different when it comes to their likes and dislikes of travel. Some people prefer luxurious accommodations and meals prepared by the most prestigious head chefs. Other individuals prefer a little more adventure and are driven to dive into the unknown. Both are incredibly different experiences but are equally rewarding! At FlyLargent, we aim to provide the highest quality in our flights, our services, and our content on this blog! Our focus is to ensure you have the most enjoyable and luxurious flight that the market has to offer. But we wouldn't be a top-tier business if we didn't also focus on the other important travel experiences besides caviar and five-star hotels. Backpacking has often been referred to as a life-changing experience. You get to see the world in a new down-to-earth manner that will open your eyes to a lot of possibilities! Listed below are some of the reasons why backpacking should be in your future.

1) You won't be bound by strict itineraries or time limits. You have full control over where you go and when.

2) You will become a part of a large community that are all bound by the love to travel

3) You will be more likely to go out and explore the countryside rather than staying near the crowded tourist spots which will spread the tourist wealth out more evenly throughout the country!

4) The locals in the area will probably be more relaxed and talkative around you, eager to share their local stories and beauty of their home.

5) On your travels, you will most likely see something new every day.

6) You will find more time to meditate and reflect while surrounded by nature.

7) You're more likely to see the local wildlife and will see the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises that you've ever seen.

8) You will embody the spirit of adventure and discovery that will open up new avenues and realizations within yourself!

9) Backpacking is a known method of travel for saving on money, and this money can instead be fueled into buying really amazing and delicious food and drink from the best spots that you visit!

10) You will get stronger and strengthen your cardiovascular system as well! Not to mention how healthy it would be to clear your lungs out completely of all the smog of city air.

These are just ten of many, many reasons why you should consider backpacking a really positive endeavor. Sometimes we just need to get back to nature and experience the splendour first hand of what the earth has offered us. Some of the most popular places to backpack in would be: Europe, Spain, Latin America, and the Netherlands! If this sounds like something you want to pursue, we encourage you to research on how you can get started! We at Fly Largent will be waiting to supply you with the most convenient private flight to get you there!