You don't have to travel far to escape the cold this year. Florida is full of some of the most beautiful beaches in all of the world! Escape the chilly winds blowing in and instead relax on a warm sandy beach enjoying a Piña Colada! At Fly Largent we have a multitude of aircrafts standing by perfectly suited and tailored to your needs. For some warming inspiration, here are a couple of recommendations below!

South Beach - Miami

Miami's South Beach attracts people from across the nation to come and explore it's white sandy shores; attracting the rich and famous to it's warm waters and multitude of attractions. You can chose between the nearby Haulover Park for tennis, fishing, golf, and more! Nearby you'll find some of the best world-class hotels and extravegent cuisine from fine dining to casual yet delicious beach-side cuisine. Or you can simply lounge on the warm shore and listen to the crashing sound of the waves and seagulls overhead while sipping on a freshly made cocktail.

Clearwater Beach - Clearwater

Listed on Trip Advisor for the nation's #1 beach in 2018, it's no surprise that Clearwater Beach makes this list. From it's dazzling waters and impeccable beaches, Clearwater Beach is sure to leave an impression on you. With nearly every day of the year full of sunshine, you can come visit Clearwater and always expect a warm and inviting beach-side paradise. Lay back and relax without worry as the palm trees sway in the gentle breeze over you and breathe easy knowing the full time lifeguards are around to ensure everyone is safe. 

Don’t just take our word for it, come visit and see why Clearwater’s beaches are the best in the USA! We at Fly Largent are standing by 24/7 to offer you assistance in getting to your vacation destination!

Bahia Honda State Park - Florida Keys

Another one of the top beaches in the United States (listed by the Travel Channel), Bahia Honda State Park boasts a vast expanse of sugar-white sandy beaches and warm, shallow waters. What sets this beach apart from the rest is that the island is almost uninhabited but you can pitch a tent on a campsite equipped with electricity and water. Experience the awe-inspiring wonder of the vast marine life beneath the dazzling waters. Boasting rays, reef fish, barracuda, and more! Seat yourself on the warm, inviting sand and witness the beauty of the setting sun in peace and quiet.

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