When traveling, one generally expects to also partake in the delicious local cuisine. With Fly Largent we expect that you want nothing but the best; so here is a list of some of the top rated restaurants in the world that may interest you!

Mirazur - Menton, France

Boasting 3 Michelin Stars, Mirazur takes the number one spot for best restaurant in the entire world. Nestled in the foot of the mountains with a gorgeous view over the sea, the ethereal cuisine you will partake of here will leave you forever changed. This restaurant is spread over three levels of hillside and encompassed by luscious vegetation. However, the dining area is drenched in light and displays a shocking view of the sea and the beautiful town of Menton through the numerous large windows. The view also displays snippets of the orchard garden bursting with fragrant herbs, vegetables, and citrus that make up many of the ingredients used on the plate placed in front of you.

Disfrutar - Barcelona, Spain

Disfrutar is literally translated to "enjoy", and that is the utmost perfect adjective to describe this lavish restaurant. Choosing between their 25-30 course meal menu, you have the option to choose their Classic menu or their special Seasonal menu. Returning visitors are encouraged to try their Seasonal menu to experience their newer dishes.

Every dish is methodically planned out with every detail perfectly in place. With two Michelin Stars, it's no wonder that this restaurant is a go to for foodies all around the world. Make sure to come with an empty stomach because unlike many restaurants that leave you wanting, Disfrutar makes sure every inch of your senses are satisfied.

The food isn't the only above average aspect of Disfrutar. It has been widely agreed that the servers and staff of all kinds are fast, efficient, detailed, thoughtful, and run like absolute clockwork. Between flavours, service, and atmosphere, it's difficult to find a restaurant better than Disfrutar.

Geranium - København, Denmark

Listed on the Top 50 Restaurants In The World and with 2 Michelin Stars, it makes sense that Geranium would make this list. With their dynamic, lucid, and eye-opening menu, your senses will be challenged and enriched. Not only does Geranium perfectly pair their menu with their wine, they also perfectly pair food with art. Every dish seemingly a better masterpiece than the one before.

17+ inspired and artistic courses made up of wild and organic Scandinavian ingredients. Providing your taste buds with a new experience like you've never had before. Their brightly lit dining area provides an atmosphere of cleanliness and sophistication that make you feel right at home and allow you to nestle into every flavour presented before you.

With our empty-leg flights and charter services, you can make your way to one or each of these notable and exquisite countries and restaurants. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you! Looking forward to your message.